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How to Add Warmth Back to Skin with Photoshop


A lot of the time when we’re shooting with flash photography in a big white studio, our portrait images can appear a little stark or cold. This quick fix in Photoshop takes less than two minutes to do but can add a lot of warmth and life back to our ...

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Optical Slaves and Why They Belong in Your Camera Bag


There are unfortunately times when technology just lets us down. It’s not always because it inevitably breaks either: sometimes it is simply because every piece of gear has its strengths and weaknesses, and flash triggers are no exception. Most of the time we simply use a radio trigger to fire ...

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5 Mistakes Photographers Make in Photoshop


Making mistakes is a powerful learning tool, but that statement only holds true if you realize what you’re doing is a mistake. To that end, here are 5 of the most common Photoshop mistakes photographers make. This useful overview comes from the folks at the Photoshop Tutorials YouTube channel, and ...

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Understanding the Basic Laws of Light, Part 2


There’s not much to this video that isn’t covered in the headline: a guy attached a GoPro Hero Session to the end of an arrow, shot it at a variety of things and people, and then stabilized the output into some really cool footage. Starting about 40 years ago, photographer ...

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