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Did You Know That a Reflector Can Do This?


Did you know that you can bend your reflector to change the quality of the light on your subject? Held in the concave position, the light becomes more concentrated – this option results in a very sculptured look, giving the image an editorial feel. Held in the convex position — ...

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How to Mix Flash and Ambient Light


Mixing ambient light with flash is a tough technique to get around. I can do it no problem, but when someone asks me to explain it I draw a blank. There’s a very good reason why it’s hard to understand: you’re smashing two distinct schools of lighting an image together. ...

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This Simple Posing Trick Makes People Instantly Look Thinner


Photographer Niels Kemp recently asked wedding photographer and Nikon ambassador Brett Florens for his best piece of advice for beginning photographers. His answer was the simple portrait posing trick in the 2.5-minute video above. “One of the main questions I get asked as a photographer is ‘Can you make me ...

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The Ultimate Focus Stacking Guide for Landscape Photographers


It’s becoming harder to get the entire image sharp with the constantly wider lenses and more extreme foregrounds that are used in today’s photography. Even optimal apertures aren’t enough to get both the foreground and background as sharp as desired. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, though. Focus stacking for ...

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The Best Aperture for Landscape Photography


The question “What aperture is best for landscape photography?” is often asked in various online forums. While there isn’t one “correct” aperture, certain scenes benefit from using a specific one. For standard landscape photography (excluding night photography, macro photography and other niches), the optimal aperture for front-to-back sharpness lies within ...

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6 Reasons Why Your Photos Aren’t Razor Sharp


Picture this: you come home after a great day out photographing and you’re excited to look through all the beautiful images you’ve captured. However, after importing them you realize that they’re all garbage because they’re blurry. I’m sure you’ve experienced that, as have the majority of us. Personally, I’ve had ...

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Laws of Light: Shooting in Direct Sun


The Difficulty of Shooting in Direct Sun A lot of the times when you’re shooting in direct sun, it’s very harsh on your subject’s face. Many people try not to put themselves in this situation because of it. Sometimes you have no choice, or maybe you like the location a ...

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