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How to Make a Camera Lens Lamp


After Canon handed out camera lens mugs at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, novelty lens look-alike mugs and cups have flooded the market. If you’ve received one or more of them as gifts, one thing you can do is turn them into camera lens desk lamps. Filmmaker and freelance ...

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The Basics of Equivalent Exposure in Photography


The concept of equivalent exposure can be a tricky one to wrap your mind around when you’re just getting started in photography. Photography enthusiast and animator Vincent Ledvina of Apalapse made this helpful 5.5-minute video that explains it in a simple and visual way. “I made this video because equivalent ...

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Shooting Portraits with Colored Shadows


Finding new ways to create isn’t always easy, so you have to keep your eyes open for inspiration. One day while making my way down the rabbit hole of YouTube, I stumbled across a video. These guys had created 3 colored shadows off this pencil while keeping a perfectly white ...

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How to Make and Shoot a Bokehlicious Tin Foil Backdrop


I love bokeh and wanted to incorporate it into some upcoming holiday-themed beauty shoots. Well, I didn’t want to shoot in the cold and I really didn’t want to buy strings of lights (or generally spend any money at all) so I put together this great backdrop with basically just ...

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Find Your Creative Style With Split Toning


In my opinion, the most under-appreciated tool within all of Lightroom has got to be Split Toning. Not only is this a great option to solve many photo-related problems, but it’s also an excellent way to work towards developing your own creative editing style. If you’re not familiar with Split ...

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A Guide To Surf Photography: Tips and Techniques


It always takes time to really master any craft that you choose, and the same rings true for surf photography. I have spent countless hours in and out of the water over the years with the aim to improve my surfing pictures each time I enter the water. I find ...

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