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How to Fix Wide Angle Shrinkage Fast in Photoshop


How many of you can relate to this scenario? You encounter a scene that really grabs your attention, and it has all the elements you look for in a great composition — a spectacular foreground that works the eye towards the mid-ground that in turn leads the viewer towards a ...

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How to Photograph the Back of the Hollywood Sign


It seems that every visitor to Hollywood wants to photograph the mountain with the Hollywood sign on it but rarely do people want to make the effort for a Hollywood sign hike to go photograph the back of it. If you can put in some extra time, photographing the back ...

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10 Rules You Should Break In Street Photography


I went on a photo walk the other day with a friend who mostly shoots events and does client-focused work. The majority of the time we just talked about freelance work, but every now and then we’d see an interesting scene and capture it. We both shot on zoom lenses, ...

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How to Nail Exposure in Your Photos Using Manual Mode


If you’ve been wanting to learn more about using your camera in manual mode and have 26 minutes to spare, here’s a helpful educational video by photographer Sean Tucker that’s just for you. He teaches how to nail exposure using manual mode. Tucker walks through the fundamental concepts you’ll need ...

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How and Why to Use High-Speed Sync


How do you use high-speed sync? When would you use it? How do you set it up? These questions will all be answered by the end of this 5.5-minute video and the article below. What is It? High-speed sync is the ability to sync your strobes to a camera when ...

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