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How I Post-Process Hard Light and Overwhelming Tones


Ever since the middle of high school, I’ve been immensely interested in “the process.” You know, that middle bit between point A and point B that nobody but the artist ever sees. I’ve always loved peeking behind the scenes to see where something started and what kind of work and ...

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How to Build a DIY Camera Stabilizer Using LEGO


Advanced camera stabilizers are becoming cheaper and cheaper these days, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys building the things you use, here’s a neat tutorial for you. Product Tank released a 7-minute video showing how you can create a DIY stabilizer using LEGO pieces.

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How to Create Raindrops of Light with Steel Wool


If you ever find a lost GoPro, there’s a decent chance you’ll find footage of the camera’s last moments with its owner on the memory card as long as it hasn’t been destroyed. That’s exactly what one fisherman just found in England. Cameras are often pitted each other in the ...

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Making a Photography Showreel That Showcases Your Work


As a professional photographer I’m always looking for ways to showcase my work and convey a feeling. Recently I’ve been working hard on a photography showreel to highlight my portfolio. I’d like to share with you some of the lessons I learned, and explain how you too can create a ...

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How to Capture Awesome Portraits & Headshots with One Flash


National Geographic has selected the winning photos of 2016 for its prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year photo contest. The grand prize photo, captured by Anthony Lau and shown above, is titled “Winter Horseman” and shows a horseman at work in Inner Mongolia. National Geographic’s editor in chief has published ...

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