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Creating Your Own Assignments in Street Photography

Street photography is one of the best ways to exercise and train your eye for application to photojournalism projects. I’ve written before about the way I apply the techniques and style from my street photography to my set stills and BTS as well as my long term fashion BTS project and I think that practicing some form of street photography every single day is an incredible way to keep your eye active and your mind constantly searching for new possibilities.

However, an issue I find with this approach is that it can sometimes cause creative burnout, especially if you follow a particular route, or shoot to one specific style all the time. It can feel like going out every single day and essentially seeing what comes to you with nothing in particular to seek out leaves too much to chance, however much you may be familiar with what is likely to happen in a certain environment.

One answer to this could be setting and managing reasonable goals and assignments. To an extent I think this has always been the case, even if that assignment is the broadest street photography definition, to “document the human condition through the decisive moment” in a certain place at a certain time. Many iconic historical street photographs are now seen as a form of photojournalism, and the lines are often blurred even with contemporary artists.

One of my favorite documentaries about street photography is called Everybody Street and features the work of several iconic New York street photographers.



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