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Fujifilm Considering Bringing Back Its B&W Film: Report

Fujifilm killed off the last of its black-and-white film and photo paper back in April 2018. For many film photographers that news was like a dagger to the heart, but there is hope yet: Fujifilm is reportedly considering bringing its B&W film back.

The Japanese news outlet ITmedia reports that Fujifilm has “just started the examination” of relaunching film for B&W photography.

The company heard the requests of film photographers who didn’t wish to see Neopan 100 Acros be discontinued, but it still needs to solve the logistical problems — obtaining the necessary raw materials for its film production is difficult and costly, and the company’s efforts to improve production efficiency and cut costs weren’t enough to offset the constantly decreasing demand for the film.

If Fujifilm Neopan (or a different B&W stock) does make a comeback, it would be following in the heels of Kodak P3200, which is now alive and well again.

(via ITmedia via The Phoblographer)

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