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How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC

How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC

In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial we’ll show you how to create a collection on your desktop version of Lightroom CC and sync to Lightroom Mobile on your portable devices.

How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC

Lightroom Mobile is changing the way photographers work by offering the ability to sync your edits across multiple devices.

When you create your first collection in Lightroom Mobile by importing photographs captured with a smartphone or iPad, by default the collection is called My Tablet Photos.

You can re-label the collection in Lightroom Mobile by tapping the three white dots at the bottom left of the collection’s cover photo. This reveals a list of commands including Rename.

You can also rename the collection after it has been synced to Lightroom on your desktop. If you rename the collection in one version of Lightroom, the name change will automatically be updated in the other.

As well as syncing photos snapped on your iPad, you can also sync photos from your Lightroom Library with Lightroom Mobile, so that you can organise and edit them when you’re away from your desktop. To do so, create a collection in Lightroom that’s instructed to sync with Lightroom Mobile.

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How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC: step 1

01 Create a new collection
In Lightroom, go to the Collections pane and click the + shaped New Collections icon. Choose Create Collection from the pop-up menu. Label the collection as desired. Go to Options. Tick the Set as target collection box. Leave the Sync with Lightroom Mobile box ticked. Click Create and your new collection appears.

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How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC: step 2

02 Add to Target Collection
To start with, your new collection contains no photos at all, but we’ll soon fix that. You can drag and drop appropriate photos from the Library module’s
Grid view to add them to the collection manually. Or tap a photo’s thumbnail to select it and press B. This activates the Add to Target Collection command.


How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC: step 3

03 Synchronise the collection
Click the new collection’s label in the Collection pane to see its contents. As you add photos to the collection, a ‘syncing photos’ message appears at the top left of the Library module. This indicates the number of Smart Previews being uploaded to the Creative Cloud. It doesn’t take long because the files are small.

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How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC: step 4

04 View in Lightroom mobile
Launch Lightroom Mobile on your smartphone or iPad. As well as the original My Tablet Photos collection you created in the previous tutorial, you’ll see a thumbnail for your new Lightroom-sourced collection (as long as your iPad is synced to Wi-Fi so that it can access the Smart Previews, of course).


How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC: step 5

05 Resize the thumbnails
Tap the new collection’s thumbnail to view its synchronised contents. They’ll appear in the same order as they appear in Lightroom, which is really convenient. You can resize the thumbnails in the collection’s Grid view by pinching to enlarge or shrink them. Tap a thumbnail to view the image full screen.

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How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC: step 6

06 Enable offline editing
Lightroom Mobile uses Wi-Fi to show Smart Previews stored in the Creative Cloud. If you want to work on a collection of images without a Wi-Fi connection, go to the collection’s thumbnail and tap the three white dots to access a menu list. Tap Enable Offline Editing to download the Smart Previews to your mobile device.


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