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How to Win at YouTube as a Photographer: Advice from the Pros

So you’ve just finished school and now you have a diploma to certify and declare that you’re a bona fide photographer/filmmaker. Or you could be an experienced professional who is just about to wrap your latest gig and now it’s time to reach out to your network in search of the next job.

Maybe you have just spent the last six months shopping your dream project around without any luck or you’re just trying to fill up some photography workshops so you don’t have to get a soul-crushing day job? Now what?

Start a YouTube Channel. Now. Yes, You!

But YouTube is for vloggers and online narcissists. But YouTube is for amateurs who couldn’t make it work in the big leagues. But YouTube… we’ve heard it all before: YouTube isn’t serious filmmaking. This is both true and false.

While there are certainly untold billions of videos that are no more than a waste of time, there are countless others that both educate and inspire a dedicated audience! The best part? It’s still growing which means it’s big enough for you to enjoy some success by contributing your content and carving out your niche.

This is not a guide to becoming the type of viral phenom that gets you subscribers into the millions and prestigious brand deals, but it is full of inspiring advice from five working professionals whose own success on the platform shows why every photographer and filmmaker should start their own YouTube channel to showcase their work, keep their skills sharp, build an audience and market their business.



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