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Kodak’s ‘World’s Largest Puzzle’ Has 51,300 Pieces and a $600 Price Tag

Do you love both doing puzzles and looking at beautiful photos? If so, Kodak is selling the ultimate product for you. It’s “The World’s Largest Puzzle” — a 51,300 piece monster that’s over 28 feet (8.5m) long.

Created in partnership with the company CRA-Z-ART, Kodak’s “The World’s Largest Puzzle” actually comes as 27 individually packaged puzzles containing 1,900 pieces each. Each smaller puzzle is a photo of world wonder captured by a professional photographer.

But 27 individual puzzles can be joined together to form the giant completed puzzle that measures 6.25×28.5 feet (1.9×8.7m) and contains a 3×9 grid of giant photos.

“The puzzle is made of high quality board and snaps together piece after piece,” Kodak says. “The colors and pictures are the most crisp, realistic images ever created in a puzzle!”

A puzzle this big has a price tag to match: you’ll need to shell out a whopping $600 for this ultimate puzzling experience.

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