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Light Built a Phone with 9 Cameras

Light’s groundbreaking L16 camera generated a great deal of excitement over its 16-camera design, but early reviews have largely fallen short of the hype. The company is pushing full speed ahead, though, and will reportedly be unveiling a first-of-its-kind smartphone that has as many as 9 cameras on the back.

Here’s what the existing Light L16 looks like (the image above is an illustrative mockup, by the way):

The Washington Post reports that it has seen working prototypes of the Light smartphone that have between 5 and 9 lenses on the back.

The upcoming smartphone reportedly captures 64-megapixel photos with “better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects” by combining all the images from the multiple cameras into a single picture.

By comparison, the Light L16 captures 52-megapixel shots using its 16 cameras.

The Light smartphone will be announced later in 2018, the Post reports, but don’t expect it to come cheap given that the Light L16 is a $1,950 point-and-shoot camera.

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