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MIOPS Splash is a Water Drop Kit for Perfect Splash Photos

Camera trigger manufacturer MIOPS has announced the new MIOPS Splash, a water drop kit that helps photographers consistently capture picture-perfect splash photos.

The MIOPS Splash is a tiny standalone device that can be controlled using a smartphone, and you won’t need any additional camera triggers to get started with this genre of photography. All settings are adjusted remotely from your phone screen via a Bluetooth connection.

MIOPS Splash controls the size and timing of every single water drop.

It also triggers your flash and/or camera.

A separate Holder Kit provides flexibility in terms of height and shooting angle when mounting the MIOPS Splash onto a standard tripod mount.

Here are a couple examples of water drop splash photos you can easily capture using the MIOPS Splash:

The MIOPS Splash is available now for $79 through the MIOPS website, and the Holder Kit costs $20.

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