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Godox Unveils the AD1200 Pro: Its Most Powerful Strobe Yet


Godox has officially unveiled its most powerful strobe yet: the AD1200 Pro. After first teasing a prototype in late 2019, the company is ready to reveal the final product, making it more affordable than ever to add 1200Ws of flash power into your arsenal. The Godox AD1200 Pro (AKA the ...

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Ilford Has Shut Down Film Production Until Further Notice


UK-based film maker Ilford has shut down production for the foreseeable future. While the company is still allowed, legally speaking, to continue operations during the UK’s country-wide lockdown, it has chosen to shut down manufacturing in order to prioritize the health and safety of its employees. Ilford released its first ...

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This Instant Camera for Kids Uses Cheap Thermal Paper for Prints


Want to give your child the joy of instant photography without breaking the bank on buying expensive film packs? Check out the myFirst Camera Insta 2. It’s an instant camera designed for kids that uses rolls of cheap thermal paper for its prints. Spec-wise, the camera features 12-megapixel digital photos ...

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