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This Useful Map Reveals Photography ‘Hotspots’ Around the World


When doing photography in general, and in my case travel photography, the use of a photography template can be very beneficial and help improve the overall performance. Kodak made what was probably the most popular (and unexpected) photography announcement of CES: the company is bringing back the beloved Ektachrome film ...

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RED Helium 8K Earns Insane DxOMark Score of 108, The Highest Ever


Did you think DxOMark‘s sensor scores topped out at 100? It turns out, no. RED’s Helium 8K S35 sensor just scored a jaw-dropping 108, ten full points higher than the highest scoring full-frame sensor ever tested, the Sony A7r II. Calling this 35.4MP not-quite-full-frame (closer to APS-H) sensor from RED ...

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This Dock Gives the New MacBook Pro its Ports Back


When Apple announced the 4th gen MacBook Pro in October 2016, photographers and other creatives bemoaned the removal of the traditional ports found on the sides of the laptop (including the SD card slot, which Apple called “cumbersome”). A company called OWC is now coming to the rescue with a ...

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