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Celebrated Photographer Robbed and Strangled to Death in Mexico


Tragic news from Mexico this week. Gifted Canadian artist and photographer Barbara McClatchie Andrews, 74, was found dead on the side of the road last Friday. Her suspected assailant is now in custody. Warning: Parts of this story are graphic, proceed at your own risk. Ms. McClatchie Andrews was allegedly ...

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The Glorious Bokeh of the Legendary Canon 50mm f/1.0L


How does the camera quality of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone compare to Leica’s high-end digital rangefinders? Respected Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi decided to find out by shooting the same scenes and then comparing them side-by-side. The folks at crowdsourced camera gear statistics website Explorecams have released a new infographic ...

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When Living a Dream, Make Sure It’s Your Own


There comes a point where the living for the weekend becomes such an obsession that it’s time to build a life around the driving passion. Life isn’t supposed to be lived in two day chunks followed by 5 days of monotony and anticipation. It’s supposed to be chased, squeezed, challenged ...

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