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Nikon D5 hands-on review


Nikon’s flagship SLR looks set to be the camera of choice for pros at the Olympic games this summer as long as they don’t want to shoot 4K videos longer than 3 minutes. Find out our first impressions in our hands-on Nikon D5 review. Jump To: Nikon D5 hands-on review ...

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The differences between Photoshop and Lightroom explained


Photographers used to have to choose between Adobe Lightroom vs Photoshop when purchasing an image editing software package. But these days although Lightroom is still available as a standalone package, it also comes bundled with Photoshop CC as part of Adobe’s Photography Program. With this Program coming in at £8.57/$9.99 ...

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When not to buy a camera: 9 danger signs to look out for


When not to buy a camera: 9 danger signs to look out for Often we talk about the reasons why you should upgrade your camera, but rarely do we examine the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a new camera. Looking through Digital Camera magazine’s archive recently, we found this handy ...

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