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How to Shoot a Day to Night Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy


This 10-minute tutorial by nature photography site Nature TTL teaches how to create a day to night time-lapse from sunset to a starry night sky. While it can be a tricky technique to pull off, the effects can be totally mesmerizing if done correctly. Presented by astrophotographer Matthew Saville for the new ...

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Photographer Photoshops Himself Into His Childhood Photos


What would your childhood photos look like if you could travel back in time right now and be there when they were shot? Photographer Conor Nickerson decided to use his photography and Photoshop skills to find out. For his new project Childhood, Nickerson seamlessly inserted himself in old childhood snapshots ...

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Nokia Shelves Its $25,000 VR Camera, the OZO


Back in mid-2015, as interest in virtual reality headsets was heating up, Nokia announced a $60,000 spherical virtual reality camera called the OZO. This week, Nokia announced that it will be halting development of the camera system and cutting 310 jobs in the process. Reuters reports that despite slashing the ...

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