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Camera Drones May Soon Be Required to Have a Remote ID System


Ever since camera drones first became available to the average consumer, authorities across the world have had growing concerns about them. No-fly zones are being widely established, and regulations are becoming stricter to restrict when, where, and how the unmanned aircraft can fly. Now the FAA is looking into developing ...

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This is What Wedding Photos Looked Like in the Late 1800s


Wedding photos from the late 1800s have a slightly different aura about them… and we’re not talking about the sepia tone, either. There’s often no smiling or touching — completely emotionless images of people on their special day were commonplace. A collection of old wedding photos was curated by Frank Maresca ...

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Why I Swapped My ‘Pro’ DSLR for the Cheapest One Available


My name is Ion Paciu, and I’m a photographer based in London. I recently purchased a new camera kit with a camera body and lenses. However, it wasn’t an “upgrade” — it was, in fact, a “downgrade.” I got myself a $500 Canon SL1/100D, which is the smallest, cheapest, and ...

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