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This Cooled Nikon D5500a Chills the Sensor for Clearer Star Photos


An Italian astrophotography company called PrismaLuceLab has launched a modded version of the Nikon D5500 DSLR. Called the “D5500a Cooled,” the camera uses a special cooling system mounted on the back to chill the sensor and reduce noise during long-exposure photos. “It’s the first ever cooled Nikon camera ever for ...

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4 Photographers Challenged to Shoot a Whitney Exhibition in 24 Hours


Photographer Taylor Jackson—whose more serious videos we’ve featured here and here—had to know he was stirring up trouble when he created this satirical short video. If you’re a … Great light is what creates great images. What makes a photograph is not the camera sensor, or the autofocus system, or ...

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Photographer Tim Mantoani Dies at 47 After Long Battle with Cancer


Internationally acclaimed photographer Tim Mantoani has passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was 47. Mantoani had been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of sarcoma in 2000. After receiving treatment, he was healthy and in remission until the cancer resurfaced in 2015. He passed away on Friday, ...

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