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Yard Sale Find: $10 for an Amazing Portrait Lens


I recently returned home from my trip to Egypt, and with my wife due any day now, I had some time to squander on lens hunting. A local craigslist post revealed that one of the camera shops in town was having a yard sale to clear out all of their ...

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CSSCO: Free VSCO-style Photo Filters Made with CSS


CSSCO is a new free and open source project that offers VSCO-style retro photo filters made and used entirely with CSS. This means that web designers can now upload an ordinary photo and then have it display with a non-destructive filter when viewed on a webpage, simply by adding the ...

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This is What 20,000 Miles of Hard Travel Does to a Camera


This is what 20,000 miles of hard travel by thumb, foot, van, and train does to a camera. My name is Mike Quain, and I’m a photographer based in Arkansas. Beginning in 2014, I hitchhiked and train-hopped for two years working on my first photo project, called The Nikon Kidd, ...

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