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How to boost flat landscapes in Lightroom


How to boost flat landscapes in Lightroom If you plan to share your edited photographs online then you don’t need to worry as much about over-saturating the colours, as computer screens can reproduce millions of colours. However, if you’re planning to print your photos then you need to be more ...

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Fujifilm X70 hands-on review


With its APS-C sensor, prime lens and plenty of manual control, Fujifilm’s latest pocket powerhouse make an impression in the enthusiast market. Find out our head of testing’s first impressions in her hands-on Fuji X70 review. Despite their popularity, Fujifilm’s X100 series of compacts have always had a slight disadvantage ...

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Review: CaptureLENS is a Doodad That Does Come in Handy for Lenses


“Lens management”… Zzzz… I’m bored already. If there’s one area of photography that continuously plagues just about every photographer, it’s what to do with your lenses. Where and how to store them at home, how to pack them for airplane travel, how to keep them on your person when you’re ...

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