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Project 366, Day 24: Bangles


Project 366, Day 24: Bangles I love the curves that the bangles create, as well as the detailing of the pink detailing. I shot using this my Canon EOS 6D + 100mm lens (I’ve used this combination for all of this weeks’ shots, perhaps unsurprisingly). I used a wide aperture ...

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Nikon Awards Prize to Badly ‘Shopped Photo, Hilarity Ensues


Nikon Singapore posted anannouncement on its Facebook page yesterday, congratulating a photographer named Chay Yu Wei for capturing a perfect shot of an airplane framed by a ladder in Chinatown. Photographers quickly pointed out that the photo is clearly the result of editing, and sarcastic comments soon flooded the post.“Yu ...

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How to Photograph the Milky Way


If you live in a remote area with dark skies, you are one of the lucky ones; the lucky ones that get to look up on a clear dark night and see a thick band of glowing light stretch across the sky.As a kid I grew up in the countryside ...

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