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Leaked Photos Show a Foldable New Entry-Level Drone from DJI


If this rumor turns out to be true, Fujifilm might be the company that makes the biggest splash at Photokina this year. According to a new source, the long-rumored Fuji Digital Medium Format System is only a couple of weeks away! This must be every professional racing photographer’s nightmare: you’re ...

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Edit for Your Audience


One of the things that always tends to surprise me is how differently I edit images that were taken with my phone versus images that were taken with my DSLR. Of course, there are obvious differences between the equipment used, the editing software that is available and the overall quality ...

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How to Build a Bear-Proof DSLR Camera Trap Housing


Looking to make your own DSLR camera trap housing? You’ve come to the right place. Camera trapping is an increasingly popular technique, and it’s rather addictive too. The ability to leave your DSLR camera out for days or weeks at a time, watching and waiting 24 hours a day, has ...

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