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Photographer Drops Luxury Elephant Skin Bags After Outcry


Well-known Danish photographer Thorsten Overgaard has stopped offering luxury elephant skin camera bags for sale after word of the bags got some photographers up in arms. The 53-year-old Overgaard, known for his photography writing and workshops, sells luxury camera bags and bespoke suitcases through a partnership with Italian luxury designer ...

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How to Shoot Group Product Photos with Only One Flash


Here’s a helpful 6-minute tutorial by photographer Dustin Dolby on how you can photograph group product photos using only a single speedlight. Dolby places a number of shampoo and conditioner bottles on a sheet of acrylic and then uses light to craft space. Using a 8×36-inch stripbox and Yongnuo YN560 ...

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How I Shot Fifteen Words to Celebrate My Friend’s Love


Last year, during my last months in Melbourne, I got a text from one of my closest and oldest friends from Italy. “We need to talk, I have some important news for you. Skype?” Minutes later, we were online. I see him show up in the video, his girlfriend next ...

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