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How I Photographed the Double Diamond Fuji


As a spiritual symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji is one of only three sacred mountains of the country and its tallest at 3,776 meters. Its designation as a UNESCO world heritage site further exemplifies its importance to not only the people of Japan but to the world as well. When ...

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The Winning Photos of the First Annual Wet Plate Competition


This year, the wet plate supply brand Modern Collodion ran its first annual Wet Plate Competition. The 2018 contest received over 200 submissions from 75 wet plate photographers based in 19 countries. The grand prize winner is the photo above, titled “Aristolochia Pods,” by Paul Barden. Here’s Barden’s description of ...

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I Shot Photos Inside a California State Prison


My name is Pep Williams, and I’m a Leica photographer from Los Angeles. I recently shot a project with Leica called “Out of Bounds.” I’m one of the few photographers allowed to shoot inside a California state prison. I also did something never done before: because I’m a former pro ...

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