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How to Get STF-Style Bokeh Without a $1,000+ STF Lens


Smooth Trans Focus (STF) was invented by Minolta in the 1980s and became available in the Minolta 135mm f/2.8 STF in 1999. The special design of the lens with an Apodization (APD) filter allows for the smoothing of out-of-focus areas, or bokeh. The APD filter reduces the light transmitted through ...

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Yes, Peter Lik’s ‘Moonlit Dreams’ IS a Composite


Photographers have been talking this month about best-selling landscape photographer Peter Lik‘s new photo, “Moonlit Dreams,” pointing out that the image appears to be a “faked” composite instead of a single “real” exposure. It has since been confirmed that the photo IS a composite. Fstoppers first sparked the discussion and ...

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These Photos Were Snapped by the Farthest-Ever Cameras from Earth


NASA has published a pair of record-breaking photos. These two images that show Kuiper belt objects in the outer Solar System were captured by the farthest-ever cameras from Earth. NASA writes that the photos were captured by the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) camera on its New Horizons interplanetary space ...

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