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Nikon CEO Expects Imaging Business Profits to Grow 80% in Three Years


In a recent interview with Japanese publication Nikkei, Nikon CEO Toshikazu Umatate admitted that imaging profits have fallen to one-sixth of their peak in 2012, but painted a more hopeful picture for the near future. These days, financial reports and interviews from camera companies frequently read like death omens and ...

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How to Grow Your Instagram in 2019


“How do I grow my Instagram?” … it’s a question I get asked often… too often. So I’m writing this article for my own selfish benefit. Rather than spend time repetitively composing a response, from now on, I can just link here when the next person asks me how they ...

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This Guy Turned His Broken Computer Into a Working Camera


When Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami’s first computer from 20 years ago died, he decided to give it new life and a new purpose by turning it into a camera. Rostami took the various components from the computer (and other old computers) and constructed a light-sealed box for the camera body ...

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