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Photographer, Models Fined For Photo Shoot On Hanging Lake Log


Liquido Active, an activewear brand based in Brazil, has been embroiled in a scandal for the past week after posting an image to their Instagram of their models doing yoga on Hanging Lake’s iconic log. Hanging Lake is a 1.5-acre lake in Colorado which was formed by a geologic fault, ...

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This Mind-Bending Video Was Created Using Paint, Oil, and Liquid Soap


Artistic filmmaker Thomas Blanchard is back with another mesmerizing experimental video, combining forces with Oilhack to create this otherworldly 2 minute film. Blanchard has spent years perfecting the art of mixing paints, oils, and other liquids to create these alternate universes. Filmed with a macro lens and mixed with an ...

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Apertus AXIOM, The Open Source Cinema Camera


The AXIOM Beta is an open source camera developed by Apertus, which was successfully funded on Indiegogo in 2014. Progress went a little quiet, but they’ve now released an update. If you don’t know what the AXIOM camera is, then don’t worry – you’re probably not alone. It’s a project ...

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