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A First Look at Sigma’s Monster Prime, the 500mm f/4 Sport


Sigma’s new 500mm f/4 Sport is getting a lot of attention. It might be because it’s the first telephoto prime in its new ART/SPORT series of lenses, or it might be because of the price tag of $5,999. That’s $3,000 less than the Canon and almost $4,300 less than the ...

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U.S. Now Asking Foreign Travelers for Instagram Usernames


The U.S. government is now asking certain foreign travelers about their social media accounts prior to entering the country. Among the various services listed in the new “optional” section is Instagram. The new social media info request is found in the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) form that’s part ...

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Sphere is a Lens That Turns Your DSLR Into a 360-Degree Camera


Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert recently had a helicopter flight diverted due to a storm, but the change in plans led to a set of remarkable photos: Stuckert spotted and photographed an uncontacted Amazonian tribe. As each new year approaches, people usually start thinking about what they can do better or ...

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