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Fuji Instax Dominates Holiday Sales on Amazon Yet Again


Kodak made what was probably the most popular (and unexpected) photography announcement of CES: the company is bringing back the beloved Ektachrome film stock. But Ektachrome might only be the beginning. According to Kodak CMO Steven Overman, Kodachrome might come back next! When I was 20, I was dissatisfied with ...

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A Look at StreetPan 400, A New Film with an Old Soul


StreetPan is the 400 speed, panchromatic brain-child of Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter fame. As the story goes, reeling from the discontinuation of Neopan 400 in 2014, Bellamy began investigating what it would take to bring a film to market that captured some of the distinct characteristics he most ...

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Optical Slaves and Why They Belong in Your Camera Bag


There are unfortunately times when technology just lets us down. It’s not always because it inevitably breaks either: sometimes it is simply because every piece of gear has its strengths and weaknesses, and flash triggers are no exception. Most of the time we simply use a radio trigger to fire ...

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