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Sony’s Image Sensor Business Hits a Wall, Sees Major Drop in Sales


Sony’s image sensor business has seen meteoric growth in recent times, but it seems that things are now cooling down. The company just reported its earnings for its latest quarter, and things aren’t looking as rosy as they were before: Sony reports a “significant” decrease in image sensor sales.The news ...

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How to Shoot with 3 Lighting Setups in 1 Second


Photographer Alexis Cuarezma is a master of doing rapid-fire portrait shoots of famous athletes for Sports Illustrated. When some of his shoots are limited to just 1 minute, Cuarezma uses 2 lighting setups simultaneously and sometimes even 5 setups on 1 set using a burst of exposures. Inspired by Cuarezma’s ...

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These Surreal Folding Landscapes Were Made Using Drone Photos


You know that mind-bending scene in the movie Inception in which the dream world is folding up on itself? Photographer Aydın Büyüktaş‘ “Flatland” project is like that. The Turkish artist creates each of the images through a meticulous planning process and aerial drone photography.Büyüktaş says he always planned for the ...

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