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How to Shoot Pro Portraits in Everyday Places


My name is Nick Fancher and I’m a portrait and commercial photographer who specializes in lighting, specifically with the use of small flash in unconventional locations. I’ve written a few books on the subject, the latest of which is Studio Anywhere 2. My main goal when shooting is to be ...

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Filters, Do We Still Need Them?


With the advent of better camera technology and clever processing software, do we really need neutral density filters any more? Can’t we just replicate the effect of filters in Photoshop or even in camera? Isn’t the dynamic range sufficient in my shiny new Sony camera? Well, yes and no… Graduated ...

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Report Says Nikon to Cut 1,000 Jobs in Japan, But Nikon Denies It


Nikon’s high-end camera division hasn’t been doing so hot these days, and now a new reports claims that Nikon will be cutting about 1,000 jobs in Japan, which represent about 10% of the company’s total workforce. Nikon, however, quickly issued a statement denying the report. Nikkei, the world’s largest financial ...

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