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This Photo of the NYC Blizzard Looks Like a Painting


As a blizzard ripped into New York City this past weekend, street photographer Michele Palazzo went out and began wandering around to see if he could spot any people on the sidewalks. The streets were barren, but Palazzo did manage to shoot this beautiful shot of the Flatiron Building early ...

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Ball Drop Test Shows the Strength of Sigma’s Ceramic Lens Filters


Back in December 2015, Sigma announced the world’s first protective lens filters made of ceramic — filters that it claims are 10x stronger than traditional filters and 3x stronger than chemically strengthened filters. Sigma has just published pricing and availability info for the new filters, as well as the above ...

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How to make Impressionist photos


How to make Impressionist photos In this simple photo editing tutorial we’ll show you how to convert a photo of a reflection into an Impressionist work of art. The Impressionists tried to recreate the experience of seeing, rather than capturing every detail. Well, today’s cameras capture an awful lot of ...

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