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Inter Milan Soccer Team Wears Shirts with Instagram Handles


Enjoy following the photos shared by your favorite athletes? Inter Milan, one of the most valuable clubs in the world, wants you to know how to find its players on Instagram. On Tuesday, the players’ shirts featured their Instagram handles on the back instead of their names. The unusual kits ...

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Kodak Ektachrome Will Go Underwater Again in 2018


My name is Patrick Keenan, and I’m a photojournalist in Australia. I have been using Ektachrome 100ASA underwater in my Nikonos cameras and SB-105 flash since the 1970s and was disappointed to see production end in 2012 because of the digital revolution. But I felt if I waited long enough, ...

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Developing Your Photographic Style


Defining your style is one of the, if not the, most difficult and time-consuming aspects of photography. It takes many people years or even decades of shooting before they really start to narrow down their photographic style. Today I am going to try and speed you up past all that ...

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