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10 Tips for Shooting Waterfall Photos


Here’s a straightforward guide on how to get something more out of your waterfall shots. The idea to this guide came to me when I recently visited Iceland again and kept seeing everyone taking the same shots at the famous waterfalls. Even the ‘professional’ photographers with very expensive gear were ...

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Sigma’s New 14-24mm f/2.8 Art Lens Costs Just $1,299


Sigma has just announced the pricing and availability of its new 14-24mm f/2.8 Art lens, and the new details won’t disappoint. The lens will be available next month with a price tag of just $1,299. Sigma’s Art lenses are highly acclaimed for matching (or often exceeding) the optical quality of ...

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5 Ways to Use a Beauty Dish


Photographer and Profoto Legend of Light Miguel Quiles made this 7-minute video in which he shares 5 different ways he likes to use a beauty dish for portrait lighting. Here’s a quick overview of the techniques discussed and example photos with each. 1. Clamshell setup without diffusion Using the Profoto B1 with ...

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