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An Interview with Renowned Celebrity Photographer Douglas Kirkland


Photographer Jared Polin recently sat down with famous celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland and his wife, Françoise, and recorded this 36-minute interview. It’s a peek inside the mind, life, and career of a legend. Born in 1934, Kirkland is famed for his work with all kinds of stars. He has taken portraits ...

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AI Can Easily Erase Photo Watermarks: Here’s How to Protect Yours


Happy that your photos are safe online hidden behind aggressive watermarking? Maybe it’s time to reconsider. New Google research shows that a lot of watermarks, including those used by major stock websites, can be easily removed automatically by computers. But there’s a way to prevent it. Using clever AI algorithms, ...

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How to Turn Day Into Night in a Photo Using Photoshop


In this 8 minute image manipulation tutorial, Colin Smith of photoshopCAFE utilises the little-used Lighting Effects filter in Photoshop to completely re-light a scene. Smith completely reinvents a daytime scene by compositing in street lamps and then using the Lighting Effects filter (found under Filter>Render) to turn them on. Lighting ...

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