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Band Uses the Lag in Facebook Live’s Camera Feed for Live Loops


When you go “live” on Facebook, there’s actually a delay of several seconds between when your camera records video and when it gets broadcast through Facebook. The band The Academic came up with the absolutely genius idea of using this delay to create a mesmerizing visual loop sampler for the ...

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Google Pixel 2 Owners Get Unlimited Full-Res Storage Only Until 2020


When Google announced the Pixel 2 smartphone this week with the world’s highest rated smartphone camera, the company also free and unlimited photo and video storage for Pixel 2 owners through Google Photos. But it turns out there’s some fine print: you only get to upload unlimited full-res images through ...

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Adobe Portfolio Now Integrates with Lightroom Collections


Adobe Portfolio, a platform for photographers to share images online on their own websites, will now integrate with Lightroom collections. This means you can upload entire collections at once, straight from Lightroom to your online portfolio. The “Manage Content” section that Adobe Portfolio users are familiar with has been changed ...

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