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Seagate Unveils a Massive 10TB Drive for Your Desktop

I arrived in Ireland a couple days ago, and I have been taking plenty of photos along the way. I’ll post them in future articles, but there is something more important to discuss for now: the dangerous, idiotic behavior I saw at the Cliffs of Moher.

For street photography the choice of cameras and lenses is, simply put, huge. So where do we start? What IS the best lens for street photography?

If you follow just about any major news outlet, you’re bound to have seen the photos of “Fukushima Kid.” We published them ourselves. But today the photographer behind those shots, Keow Wee Loong, is on the defensive as another photographer accuses him of lying about the photos in search of fame.

“The Exposure Triangle” is a catchy phrase meant to encompass the three factors which affect the exposure of a photograph of a scene with a given amount of light. It’s often given to new photographers as a learning aid.

A couple of months ago, BuzzFeed’s “Try Guys” released a video in which they got Photoshopped to look like ideal men’s body types as seen in movie posters and magazine covers. But today, they kick it up a notch: they’re being Photoshopped not like men… but like women.

Lighting company Aputure just released a light that we’re pretty sure will make it into many (many many) photographer and videographer gear bags. It’s called the Amaran M9, and it’s tiny, ultra versatile, and costs only $45!

This complex, built in the end of the 19th century, was on my wish list for a very long time. When the opportunity arose to visit it, I grabbed my chance and carefully planned the exploration.

Since I got my Nikon D7000 camera 6 years ago I’ve used it almost everyday. That is a lot of shutter clicks, 148,558 to be exact. It looks like I will be in the market for a new camera soon as the D7000 is only factory tested to 150,000 clicks. My dilemma is should I go full frame, or stick with my cropped frame?

Underwater photographer might remember the old 35mm Nikonos waterproof cameras. Originally launched in 1963, the Nikonos underwater system set the standard for underwater imaging for many years until it was ultimately discontinued in 2001.

Nowadays, underwater photography is done digitally using some sort of waterproof housing, but a fresh rumor just cropped up that says Nikon is working on a dedicated ‘serious’ underwater compact camera. Does that mean a digital Nikonos?

As iconic lenses go, perhaps no lens is quite as iconic as the famed NASA Zeiss f/0.7 glass Stanley Kubrick used to film a candle-lit scene using only natural light. In this video we get to see the lens, find out about the camera Kubrick modified to use it, and discover some of the tricks he employed to shoot that scene.

It took Drew Geraci over at District 7 Media over 80 hours of post-production to create his latest China timelapse. That’s because he took all 2500 individual frames he had captured and turned them, one by one, into paintings using the Prisma app. The result is mesmerizing.

A woman was fishing at Hesperia Lake in Southern California on Wednesday when she reeled in a professional Nikon DSLR. After a search, she eventually discovered that it belonged to a photojournalist who was attacked while covering a story.

I was delighted this week to see that one of my photographs from a recent wedding was selected as an ‘award winner’ in the ‘All About the Light’ category ISPWP’s quarterly competition. Even more so that the founder, Joe Milton, had selected it as his ‘photo of the day’ yesterday! Here is how I made this image.

Researchers working on atomic-level storage have found a way to store massive amounts of data in a tiny space. With a bit more improving, this technology could mean memory cards with tens of terabytes of storage.

If you simply want something, do you just take it? In the world of photography, content is stolen everyday and used without permission. It’s too easy, and I’m sick of it.

Here’s another one for the “probably never going to get made but WOW” file. A month and a half after Canon patented a massive 1000mm f/5.6 DO lens and two months after the crazy 28-560mm f/2.8-5.6 patent, the company is at it again. This time they’ve patented an EF 40-800mm f/4.5-5.6!

Sometimes we, as humans, wrestle with big issues — large complex questions with no easy answers.

Hong Kong production company Visual Suspect has just released a timelapse ode to quantum physics and multiverse theories; a mirrored masterpiece, they describe it as “a visual essay about perception and knowledge as reflection of our reality.”

Photographer Tim Berry of Practical Photography magazine recently decided to take his camera onto the streets of London, England, to exercise his rights to photograph in public places and to see how people would react to seeing a photographer at work.

A new Canon lens patent hints at an interesting future for Canon’s high-end point-and-shoot cameras like the G1 X line. Specifically, it seems Canon is considering packing an APS-C sensor into a future PowerShot.

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