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Sony Unveils a7R IV: The World’s First 61MP Full-Frame Camera

During a live presentation in New York City this morning, Sony revealed its latest alpha products, breaking new ground in the full-frame mirrorless world with the Sony a7R IV: the world’s first 61MP full-frame camera, with a burst speed of up to 10fps, and a reported 15 stops of dynamic range.

Sony claims that the a7R IV sets “new standards” in image quality and operability. The BSI CMOS image sensor inside is brand new, making it the first update since 2015, and allowing Sony to reach a reported 15 stops of dynamic range. And, just case 61MP isn’t enough, you can use the an evolution of the Sony’s built-in sensor-shift multi-shot mode to create 240MP image files. Even when you crop down to APS-C mode, you can capture 26MP of resolution, making it the “highest resolution APS-C capture today,” according ot Sony.

The autofocus system provides 567 phase AF points covering 74% of the image area in full-frame mode. In APS-C mode, 325 of those points cover almost the entire APS-C area, providing more than 100% AF coverage vertically, and almost 100% coverage horizontally.

Sony is going to great lengths during their presentation to highlight how the market is changing from DSLR to mirrorless, and tying that back to Sony’s dominance in this market. With their lead over Canon and Nikon in the world of mirrorless, and the might of the Sony brand name (and checkbook) behind them, Sony wants to show once and for all that they are the innovator in this market.

The Sony a7R IV certainly sends that message…

This is a developing story as we follow Sony’s live presentation from New York City. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

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