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The Tragic Death of My Nikon D850

It is always sad to read stories of how others lose or damage their camera gear, and I guess all of us would say, “That would never happen to me because I am cautious and won’t risk my expensive equipment.”

As a travel, concert, and event photographer, from time to time I work in, let’s say… harsh environments, at least for my photo gear. Braving the elements, spilled beer by drunk people, climbing through narrow places, banging the gear into obstacles, etc… I needed a camera that can withstand these conditions and provide excellent image results, and that is why I have two Nikon D850s.

I take care of my gear, cleaning everything after every job, keeping them orderly in a cabinet, taking them in for servicing every year for inspection, fixing every problem immediately. But when I work, the work comes first — the camera (and the lens) is just a tool.

There are videos out there showing how Nikon tests the D850 in extreme humidity as well as high and low temperatures. The videos are convincing — I have the same cameras and I wanted to believe that my cameras could handle all kinds of situations during my work in all kind of conditions. And the videos say the D850 can.

“We’ve tested water resistance by simulating rainfall from various directions,” Nikon’s “True Reliability” video says regarding the D850. Later in the same video: “We wanted to design a camera that wouldn’t let a single drop of water in, even after a long time in the rain.”



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