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These Are iPhone Studio Portraits Shot Using the Godox A1 Flash System

Last month, the Chinese lighting brand Godox teased an innovative new product called the A1 that serves as both a wireless, off-camera flash/light for smartphones as well as a transmitter for triggering other off-camera flashes. Now new sample photos have emerged to show what this smartphone flash system can actually do.

Godox published a blog post announcing an event this weekend to officially launch the A1. Here’s what we know about the A1 so far: it’s an off-camera flash and trigger for smartphones that contains a flash, LED lights, and a 2.4GHz radio trigger for synchronizing your phone’s camera to Godox’s radio-enabled flashguns and studio heads.

Here’s what the product looks like along with a use case involving an iPhone shooting with an A1 and a Godox flash:

Lighting Rumours found this screenshot of the GodoxPhotos iOS app, which will allow you to adjust the power levels of three groups of flashes, or the color temperatures of three groups of LED lights.

Now here’s where things get interesting: Godox’s latest blog post contains a series of sample studio portraits, along with gear and settings details, showing what you can do with a iPhone 7 Plus, Godox A1, and $599 Godox 600 II studio strobe. Here’s a look at one of the setups:

Here are the sample studio portraits:

We’ll likely learn about exact specs, pricing, and availability in the next week or two. Stay tuned.

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