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This Photographer Spent 12 Years Shooting the Same Window

Alper Yesiltas, a photographer and lawyer from Istanbul, Turkey, spent the last 12 years shooting photos of the same window. The project only came to a halt last year because the owner knocked down the building, but the images are very creative indeed.

The window opened out from a corridor in an apartment block, and it was positioned right next to Yesiltas’ room. Yesiltas started photographing the window in 2005, and he kept shooting until its destruction on May 1st, 2017.

The lace curtain provided a dynamic element to the photos, bringing a different look to shots depending on how the wind caught it on a particular day. The window was also captured under different weather and different light.

And finally, Yesiltas captured the moment the demolition took place on on May 1st, 2017:

You can see more of Alper Yesiltas’ work on his website and Instagram page.

(via Alper Yesiltas via 121Clicks)

Image credits: Photographs by Alper Yesiltas and used with permission

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