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Xiaomi Unveils the CC9 Pro with Six Cameras and a 108MP Image Sensor

Xiaomi has officially revealed the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, the company’s first full-production smartphone that features Samsung’s crazy 108MP image sensor and a ridiculous penta-camera array on the rear of the phone.

The Xiaomi CC9 Pro is a “penta-camera” smartphone that features six cameras in all (if you include the front-facing sensor). On the back you get:

  • The main, 108MP wide-angle camera
  • A 12MP 2x telephoto camera
  • A 5MP 5x super-telephoto camera
  • A 20MP ultra-wide camera with a 117° field of view
  • And a 2MP macro camera with close-focus capability down to 2cm

There’s also a front-facing camera in the teardrop notch, which boasts 32MP of resolution. That brings the total camera count up to six, including not one, but two telephoto cameras and a main sensor whose maximum resolution is a teensy bit higher than the medium format sensor inside the Fujifilm GFX 100, despite being about 1/15th the size.

The star of the show is, of course, that crazy 108MP image sensor that Xiaomi co-developed with Samsung—the Samsung Isocell Bright HMX—which we’ve mentioned on a few separate occasions.

For those of you who need a refresher, the sensor uses a quad-bayer “tetracell” design that, under most circumstances, combines blocks of four pixels into one. You can still “remosaic” 108MP photos given enough light, but the photos produced by this 1/1.33 inch image sensor will usually weigh in at a more low-light friendly 27MP.

It was already “debuted” in Xiaomi’s concept phone—the Mi Mix Alpha 5G—will appear in the penta-camera Mi Note 10 that Xiaomi will announce tomorrow (see below), and rumor has it that Samsung plans to put it in the Galaxy S11 as well.



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